Bayneemon has a Complete evolution line from Chikomon(Fresh) to CellBeemon(Mega). If you look closey at Bayneemon you will see he looks like a head.But look closer and youll see he will look like a recolored version of Neemon's head with vines for ears.

Bayneemon's Appearances:Bayneemon appears in Digimon Tales.

Bayneemon's Partners:Bayneemon hatched from the digi-egg that Brandon Robinson obtained.Chikomon actualy hatched from it but Chikomon Digivolved to Bayneemon so fast Brandon thought that Bayneemon hatched from the egg.

Bayneemon's attacks: Plant Ball(Super Plant Tackle):Bayneemon turns into the shape of a ball covered in vines and rolls at the enemy tackling them with full power.

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