Bearmon b
Partners Teneil Tanaka

Bearmon is the Digimon partner of Teneil Tanaka. Bearmon is adventurous, and grateful of her tamer. If Teneil doubts himself, Bearmon will become Zurumon. Bearmon can either warp Digivolve to Marsmon or biomerge with Teneil.


  • Bear Roll: Bearmon rolls towards it's opponent, slamming into them.
  • Karate Fist: Drives a punch into the opponent's chest with all its strength.

Other Forms

The name "Bearmon" refers to only the Rookie form of this Digimon. However, the Rookie form remains as the most common and preferred form, due to the amount of energy required to stay in a higher form.


Zurumon b

Zurumon is the Fresh form of Bearmon. Zurumon is a yellow slime Digimon. She only appears when Teneil doubts herself. Her only attack is Poison Bubbles.


  • Poison Bubbles: Spits out bubbles of the severely toxic material which constitutes its body, in order to avoid larger Digimon.


Wanyamon b

Wanyamon is the In-Training form of Bearmon. Wanyamon is a blue-cat Digimon. His only attack is Smile Fang.


  • Smile Fang: A simple bite attack.


Grizzlymon t

Grizzlymon is the Champion form of Bearmon. Grizzlymon is like his name, a grizzly bear Digimon. He is typically very strong. His strongest attack is Maul Attack.


  • Maul Attack: Knocks down the opponent by utilizing their attack power, while converts it into striking them in a weak spot.
  • Crescent Dawn: Attacks with his claws, formed as crescents.
  • Sharp Fangs: Exactly what it sounds, he attacks with his sharp fangs.


Pandamon b

Pandamon is Bearmon's Ultimate form. Pandamon looks like a panda-bear, hence, his name. After Bearmon is done in this form, he is forced to return to Wanyamon. Pandamon's strongest attack is Bamboo Punch.


  • Bamboo Punch: Fires scorching breath from its mouth by exceeding the speed of sound.
  • Animal Nails: Accelerates up to maximum speed in a nose dive at the opponent, then strikes them with the lance on its back.
  • Panda Pummel: He gains power and tackles enemies with great force.


Marsmon b

Marsmon is Bearmon's Mega form. Marsmon looks like a panther-man Digimon. Like Pandamon, after this form, Bearmon is forced to turn back to Wanyamon. Marsmon's strongest attack is Infinite Surge. Marsmon is known to represent Teneil's fiery passion for battle.

  • Infinite Surge: A long combo of attack which starts off with gathering fire into his hand and hits the opponent, then after a long combo he hits the ground creating a giant pole of fire to explode out of the ground.
  • Corona Sanctions: Magnificently splits the sky while clad in flames.
  • Heaven Hit: A physical move which inflicts strong thunder damage to the opponent.
  • Vacuum Cannon: A physical move which inflicts strong wind damage to the opponent.
  • Flaming Beast Warrior (w/MirageGaogamon): Marsmon creates a fire spirit which goes around both him and MirageGaogamon, creating two fiery beast warriors that attack their foe.