Bearmon X5
Level Mega
Type Composition
Attribute Variable
Family Virus Busters
Prior forms Bearmon + Rinkmon + Spadamon + Wizardmon + Waspmon
Bearmon Jetstream Mode + Spadamon + Waspmon + Wizardmon
Partners Ginji Amano(Rinkmon and Waspmon), Celest "Freeze" Wolf(Bearmon), Flash Jackson(Spadamon)

Created by Tepheris in the Monster Kingdom RP Lost in Another World, Bearmon X5 (Pronounced Cross Five) is the Tactical-Enhancement Mode DigiXros born in order to protect the Digidestined from a newly digivolved Machinedramon in the Virus Digimon infested town of Hub City. Celest "Freeze" Wolf created the DigiXros according to Ginji Amano's advice that the best DigiXros they could come up with at the time would include Rinkmon, either Spadamon or Growlmon, their most agile flier (which turned out to be Waspmon), Bearmon of course as the base, and one other Digimon. Wizardmon offered to be the fifth Digimon in the group. Possessing immense speed from Rinkmon, it was able to locate and retrieve Celest "Freeze" Wolf's stolen Digivice (Freeze had been using a X Loader that MagnaAngemon lended her by transforming a Holy Ring into the X Loader) from Datamon, Vademon, and Witchmon in the blink of an eye.

Bearmon b

Bearmon's cap, face paint, and leather straps are carried over in the DigiXros, as well as adding strength and resilience.

Rinkmon b

Rinkmon is the closest in appearance to Bearmon X5, and gains 75% more muscle mass from the DigiXros.

Spadamon b

Spadamon's armor is applied to Rinkmon in the manner of catcher's gear. Though Spadamon does not become a weapon in this DigiXros, the power of Waspmon's stinger and Wizardmon's wand is multiplied.

Waspmon b

Waspmon's thrusters and flight stabilizers are added to Rinkmon's shoulders. Waspmon's stinger becomes attached to Wizardmon's wand.

Wizardmon t

Wizardmon's cape replaces Rinkmon's white cape, and the DigiXros holds Wizardmon's wand with Waspmon's stinger at the end opposite the sun.


  • Tera Bear Buster: An attack exponentially more powerful than Waspmon's Bear Buster. Energy like a solar flare gathers at the emitter nozzle of Bearmon X5's wand and fires. This attack easily overpowered Machinedramon's Infinity Cannon and destroyed Machinedramon's Psycho Blasters as well. This enabled Connor Kane's WarGreymon to drill through Machinedramon using his Dramon Destroyers. Machinedramon was purified and de-Digivolved to Missimon, who joined as one of Crystal Katherine Cheney's Digimon.
  • Kilo Lightpeed Seiken: Using Rinkmon's unsurpassed speed and Bearmon's great strength, Bearmon X5 fires a flurry of powerful punches so fast they can't be seen and the target has no ability to tell where one punch ends and another begins. It has a bit more power than Bearmon Jetstream Mode's Lightspeed Seiken.