BeastRockmon is a Digivolved form of Fan:BlackRockmon whos name and design is based off of Black Rock Shooter Beast. Her stage of Digivolution makes her more powerful and faster than she was before. Her beast claws slashes through everything, even her feet. She has a tail that strikes on enemys at will.


  • Beast Slash: holds her arm in the air and slashes the enemy with her claws
  • Tail Strike: her tail prepares to launch at 7 seconds and then strikes on the enemy.
  • Flare Burst: she charges a powerful energy in her chest and then unleashes it in a powerful blast

Digivolves from: Fan:BlackRockmon

BeastRockmon + GigaSnakemon

BeastRockmon + GigaSnakemon is a Digixros of BeastRockmon and Fan:GigaSnakemon. GigaSnakemon takes a form of a sword, his tail becomes the handle of the sword, his arms transform into the part of the handle of the sword and the rest of the sword is his body.


  • Superior Blade: the sword glows in blue flames and then BeastRockmon attacks the foe with the blade.

Ddigivolves from: BeastRockmon + Fan:GigaSnakemon

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