In the sky, the heavens even, digital monsters bigger that mountains even continents. The wind rustled unsteadily as a huge dragon digimon, like water with chains along his body appeared flowing closer to a shiny golden digimon. The clouds closed as the sun sparkled in the sky. He spoke in a deep clear voice with concern in his heart.

"You realize what these means don't you?"

"Yes i have foreseen this..."

"Then what do we do, innocent digimon will be killed"

"There is not much we can do, we protect this world we can not fight."

"Then we watch as the world slowly dies"

"You know of my plan"

"But what if it doesn't work"

"It will work"

"They are just children! You burden them with this?!"

"These children will save us"

"What if they don't want to?"

"It is their destiny, they will follow it"

"Can you be sure?"

"Yes, trust me Azulongmon...I know what I am doing"

"Explain, i still can't understand"

"I knew they would come back"

"You knew? then why didn't you tell the others of it, we could have prepared..."

"But i prepared"

"With children? how can they help us?"

"It is the prophecy Azulongmon"


"Only children of pure heart can save us now, darkness will come and they are our only hope"


"Yes, hope, they are the chosen children..."

To be continued...

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