Level Ultra
Type Evil
Attribute Virus
Family Nightmare Soldiers

Dark Area

Prior forms Daemon + Beelzemon
Next forms Fan:Megasatamon (with Fan:Barbadracmon)
Belaemon is the demon God of gluttony and wrath. It destroys anyone in it's path and absorbs their data to make itself stronger. This digimon is one of two Kings of the Darkness that rule over all evil digimon. Belaemon wields the dual Deabol Blasters.


Umbra Shooter: fores a quick series of blasts from it's Deabol Blasters

Wrath Shade: gathers shadowy energy around it's body and fires or at the enemy

Umbra Destroyer: charges and fires an enormous beam from the Deabol Blasters

Singularity: creates a miniature black hole where it's heart should be and absorbs other digimon into it, assimilating their data into it's own