(マッドティラノモン MadTyranomon)
MadTyrannomon BC
Title Scourge of Death
Level Ultimate
Type Enraged
Attribute Virus
Family Dragon's Roar
Nature Spirits
Prior forms Tuskmon
Next forms Dinorexmon

BerserkTyrannomon is an enraged Digimon that went berserk after a Tuskmon absorbed the data of a Tyrannomon and a DarkTyrannomon, causing it to dark digivolve into BerserkTyrannomon. It's arm strength is the same as that of Tuskmon and DarkTyrannomon with it's back legs being as tough as Tyrannomon's. It's tail is specially fashioned into a blade-like armor, which it uses like a sword at times in battle, hence it's famous Tusks it had as Tuskmon diminished into mere horns compared to what they formerly were like. It's attitude has slowly become similar to that of Dinorexmon, with an increased aggression from Tuskmon. Due to both it, Tuskmon's, and Dinorexmon's aggression, their numbers are very low in the wild.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

Alongside Tuskmon and Dinorexmon, it is a rare spawn in the second continent in the game. BerserkTyrannomon is more rare than Tuskmon but more common than Dinorexmon. It's traits are identical to those SkullGreymon has, due to it being a counterpart to SkullGreymon. It digivolves from Tuskmon at Level 30 with 1,000 Dark Exp and into Dinorexmon at Level 65 with 65,000 Dragon Exp. It's Exp Yield, due to it's rarity, is very high at around 5,000 Dragon Exp, but not as high as that of Dinorexmon's 10,000 Dragon Exp yield or the Exp Yields of the Mecha Rogues. It's signature trait gives a Defense and Wisdom nerf to it's ally Digimon and gives itself two Attack and Spirit buffs depending on how many Digimon you have with you on the field at the time. The buff, compared Dinorexmon's version of it, only lasts 10 turns.