Partner=Fan:Anna Nickapad

She is a digimon created by Anna Nickapad. She is shown to be a bit shy when she was a baby as shown when she met Anna,Fan:Zack Z-Man and Fan:Flame`omon Knight [she hid behind the nearest tree each time] but she is kind and caring later on. She is shown to be very careful about things. She also things through as seen holding back Flame`omon when he wanted to beat up a SaberLeomon blocking their path. She first digivolved to Tarumon when Anna was about to get trampled by a Raremon then Anna activated her love that digivolved her. She later gains enough concidence to hit Flame`omon on the head whenever he acts like an idiot or trys to scare her.Attacks Gem Shooter,Bidamon shoots a ray[s] out of her gem on her head and at the enemy. Wing hitter,She wacks the enemy[s] with her wing.

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