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Big Sisters
(Yūkai! Kokatorimon kara ritorushisutā o sukue!)
"Kidnapped! Save Little Sister From Cockatrimon!"

Big Sisters is the seventh episode of the first season of Digimon Mighty Sqaudron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


Maggie & Carly are volunteering as big sisters for a girl named Lisa. Meanwhile, Lilithmon plans to use the legendary Digi-Eggs to gain enough power to defeat the DigiDestined, but only the touch of an innocent child like Lisa can open the chest containing the Digi-Eggs.

Wisemon creates a Digimon called Kokatorimon & sends the Claymon to kidnap Lisa. Maggie & Carly rush to find the other DigiDestined, Taylor, Spencer, & Nicky, who then use the Rad Bug to go to the Command Center (since teleportation & communication is down).

After learning of Lilithmon's plot, the DigiDestined use the Rad Bug to attack MadLeomon & Kokatorimon, taking the Digi-Eggs back & throwing them into the sea during the ensuing battle. Lilithmon takes Lisa hostage & promises to let her go when the DigiDestined give her the eggs. Although complaint, she still cuts the rope that Lisa is dangling from, but luckily, Lisa is caught by DinoOmnimon & taken away to safety by the remote-controlled Rad Bug. The DigiDestined then proceed to destroy Kokatorimon, & peace is restored to Tokyo.

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