(バイオ Bio)
Appears in:Digimon Frontier: Call for Justice
Digivice(s):Dark Green and Black D-Tector
Trait(s):Wind ( Kaze?), Thunder ( Ikazuchi?), Water ( Mizu?), Steel ( Hagane?)
Card numbers:none
Gender Male
Known relatives Unknown
Nationality Japanese (supposedly)

Bio is a fictional fan-made character. He is one of the "DigiDestined", children who were chosen to receive the ability to transform into Digimon in order to save the Digital World.

His and his digimon forms' character designs are based on Kamen Riders. Most aspects of his personality and background are also based on Kamen Rider.


Bio is a young, skinny boy who has black hair and red eyes. He wears a green t-shirt, a black jacket, a belt similar to that of his digimon forms, and dark green cargo pants. He wears Black and green sneakers and silver gloves.

He has a red scarf that hangs around his neck. The said scarf also appears on the necks of his digimon forms.


Bio's true form is AncientJustimon, who died many years ago in a war. Reborn as a Porimon, AncientJustimon begged to the Three Celestial Digimon (who were Ultimates at the time) to give him human form. After dozens of tries to convince them do it, they agreed. But, during the final steps of the process, an unknown entity interrupted and the Celestial Digimon were forced to fight. Because of this, AncientJustimon's soul lost the ability to permanently control his human body and resulted to a new soul to control it.

In contrast to AncientJustimon's cocky personality, Bio is rather shy and timid.

It is revealed that AncientJustimon was a warrior who dreamed of becoming the "Ultimate Hero" ever since he was still a baby. He trained hard to the extent of being able to handle four elements (with metal as his primary element). He never considered being one of the Legendary Warriors because he "does not use a pure element (referring to the multiple elements he uses)" and he preferred being on the battleground with an army.

Bio also has a crush on Zoe, who inspired him to fight for justice, and thus unlocking his true form.

Bio is shown to have full control of his Human and Beast Hybrid Spirits due to his calm demeanor. He is friends with Jackmon, Peasamon, and DemiSkullmon.

Bio and AncientJustimon eventually agreed and merged together after Zoe explains that AncientJustimon created Bio so he can be a true hero. AncientJustimon also explains that he wanted to be human after seeing the DigiDestined in their own quest.

Digimon Forms


Bio's Human Digi-Spirit whose design is based on Stingmon. BioStingmon is shown to wear a cybernetic/organic version of Justimon's Critical Arms on both arms. They can generate a blade made of pure electricity and also shoot electric needles. They can also transform into a normal, but metallic hands.

BioStingmon can fly and has incredible strength despite his slim body-built. His eyes are rounder than that of Stingmon.


  • Laser Sword (Plasma Katana): BioStingmon generates a longer and more powerful blade with his Right Critical Arm
  • X-Laser (X-Crash): A powerful slash that cuts the opponent into four pieces!
  • Lightning Sting (Thunder Strike): BioStingmon rapidly fires laser needles at the opponent.


A Digimon similar to Digmon, BioDigmon bears a metallic-green version of Digmon's skin and partially organic versions of Justimon's Accel Arms as his arms. His hands have five fingers with drills as fingertips.

BioDigmon is shown to be a ludicrously strong digimon who can take many hits and not feel any hurt.


  • Drill Fist (Drill Fist): BioDigmon punches his opponent with his two hands and converts his hands into drills that drill his opponent!
  • Metal Wall (Earth of Steel): BioDigmon takes a piece of the ground and turns it into steel shields.


Similar to Justimon in terms of appearance, BioJustimon bears Justimon's Blitz Arms for his arms. Unlike their original versions, BioJustimon's "Great Arms" can use the elements water, thunder, earth, and wind at their disposal.

It is revealed that when Bio turns into BioJustimon, it is not he but AncientJustimon who controls the body.


  • Elemental Punch (Charged Fist): Though this is not its true name, its name varies with the element BioJustimon uses for this attack.
  • Bio Kick(Bio Kick): Delivers a kick with the force of 50 tons.


Bio's true form, AncientJustimon is the combined mind of the original AncientJustimon and his human form, Bio.

AncientJustimon can wield all three weapon arms that are now composed of Gold Digizoid. His powers are similar to Fujinmon, Raijinmon, and Suijinmon's. Instead of silver, Ancient Justimon's primary color is rusted bronze as an aging effect.


  • Element Blast: AncientJustimon shoots a ball of an element of his choosing among Water, Thunder, and Wind.
  • Form Change: AncientJustimon switches his arm weapons while a blinding light shines at his opponents.
  • Justice Burst: AncientJustimon shines with an aura of all of his elemental powers and jump kicks his opponent while unleashing all of his power in the attack. This is usually used as a last resort and drains AncientJustimon of most of his energies. AncientJustimon himslef reveals that this was the reason he died.


Main article: Susanoomon (Frontier)

Bio also merges with the others to form Susanoomon, who gains additional abilities as a bonus.


  • In all of his Digimon forms, Bio wears a belt similar to Kamen Rider's.
  • AncientJustimon's wish to be a human after seeing the DigiDestined is similar to the Kanohi Ignika's wish to be a Toa after seeing Toa Matoro's sacrifice