Young, 13 year old, Jok Summers life revolves aroung Digimon, Digital Monsters, so he hacks the website of the new version of the V-Pet (Virtual Pet) but winds up deleting all the data for it before it is released! When he get's home from school, their is a package for him. He opens it to find the new V-Pet with all the data! While messing about with it, he gets turned into BioFlamemon! He decides to use his powers for justice!

Main Characters

Character First Spirit DNA
Flamemon t Jok Summers
Summers Jock
He is 13 years old and the only BioChanger who can change into every single Digimon as long as he has that Digimon's DNA in his Digivice. He is in the school football team. He holds the Crest of Infinity. His first spirit was Flamemon
Character First Spirit DNA
Lopmon b Suzie Summers
Summers Suzie
Jok's younger sister. She always looks up to her brother. Although her first spirit was Lopmon, he uses digimon from the Virus Busters. She holds the Crest of Holiness.
Character First Spirit DNA
Mushroomon b Rocket Saiba
Sayba Roket
Jok's fierce rival. He can change into Digimon from the Jungle Troopers. He holds the Crest of Insects and Plants. His first spirit was Mushroomon.
Character First Spirit DNA
Biyomon b Hikari "Kari" James
Yamaki Hikari
The younger sister of Taichi. Her first spirit was Biyomon. She also holds the Crest of Birds. She thinks her brother is the best BioChanger the world has ever seen! She changes into Digimon from the Wind Guardians.
Character First Spirit DNA
Agumon b Taichi "Tai" James
Yamaki Taichi
The older brother of Hikari. His first spirit was Agumon. He uses Digimon from the Dragon's Roar. He holds the Crest of Dragons.
Character First Spirit DNA
Kumamon t Mason Tucker
Tuker Masun
A cry baby at times and the youngest of the group. His first spirit was Kumamon. He uses Digimon from the Deep Savers. He holds the Crest of Aquan.