Bio Digi-Girls is the adventures of Skyla, Clair, Kemushi, Flora, Misty, Lenora, and Lucy who get new phones with the "Digivice" app. It was supposed to be a v-pet, but caused the 7 girls to transform into Digimon. They decided to use their powers for good and destroy evil.

But 2 mysterious girls named Jasmine and Yami get the new phone and use their powers for evil. They were actually happy that "it wasn't a stupid v-pet".

Jasmine's Mom, Mrs. L, and Yami's Dad, Mr. M also got the phone and used their powers for evil as well.

The percentage of data the girls has depends on the forms they could morph to. For example: 0%=Nyokimon, 20%=Yokomon, 40%=Biyomon, 60%=Birdramon, 80%=Garudamon, and 100%=Hououmon.


Skyla is reading her magazine and sees the new phone in a great bargain. Buy 1 phone, get 6 free. She tells the others that she was going to get the phones for them. Skyla got the Bird variant (for her), the Dragon variant (for Clair), the Insect variant (for Kemushi), the Plant variant (for Flora), the Aquan variant (for Misty), the Beast variant (for Lenora), and the Holy variant (for Lucy). The girls immediately play with their v-pets.

One day, Skyla finds more settings on her v-pet. There, she saw pictures of Biyomon and Hawkmon. Next to the pictures, there was a DNA strand, and next to that, it said 40%. Skyla touched Biyomon, and there were 3 options. Edit, delete and morph. Skyla wanted to know what happened when she used the morph option. So she touched it, and to her surprise, she became a Biyomon!

Skyla then called the other girls, and they became Digimon too (Clair was Agumon, Kemushi was Tentomon, Flora was Palmon, Misty was Gomamon, Lenora was Gabumon, and Lucy was Salamon)! But, on another side of town, 2 mysterious girls named Jasmine & Yami get the new phones too. They both found the settings and became Hagurumon (Jasmine) and DemiDevimon (Yami).

Digimon Forms

Here are the forms everyone had (including the data):

(Note: 120% is past mega.)

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