Title The-Hard-To-Terminate-Digimon
Level Super Ultimate
Type Genetic Finale
Attribute Any
Family Unknown
Prior forms Desdramon
Next forms Biodramon Noble Mode

Biodramon, now sometimes known as Biodramon Savage Mode, is the ultimate final result to cloning it back to life ever since it's Fresh form was born, as it progressively grew up and escaped it's laboratory facility. Biodramon's title as "The-Hard-To-Terminate-Digimon", a title it had gained long before the great cataclysm, is proven at full force here, as every attempt to destroy Biodramon has failed outright. Even the Royal Knights can't delete it permanently, as they are unable to delete the entire Digimon. Even worse, the cloning procedure used to revive it made it more EASILY to regenerate from a single Byte. Before, it took 1 year to do so, but now it takes only 3 days to fully regenerate. When it was finally rediscovered, it was by none other than the Demon Lords who had commissioned it's creation in the first place. Daemon is the only one who manages to defeat it in battle, but of course, is unable to destroy it. It sees this as a gift, as it has Baalmon attempt to find a way to utilize it's DNA to recreate the other ancient Digimon of it's time period, unaware that Biodramon's intelligence has increased drastically from it's digivolution, and has now become self aware of what exactly it is doing, and even beginning to find a way to make Beelzemon realize that it is no ordinary beast of a Digimon...