Biodramon Noble Mode
Biodramon Noble Mode
Title Genetic Consequences
Level Super Ultimate
Type Genetic Aftermath
Attribute Any
Family Unknown
Prior forms Biodramon

Biodramon Noble Mode is Biodramon's response to Beelzemon hitting it with the blunt side of his blaster in the face, as Beelzemon is simply roared to the ground as Biodramon slowly approaches him... Only to transform into it's secret humanoid mode in a split second WITHOUT actually digivolving at the same time. Biodramon proceeds to demonstrate it's intelligence almost immediately. It's voice is suddenly known as it begins telling the Demon Lords of it's own story, all the way from it's primal beginnings to the present. Noble Mode also had many questions of it's own. What exactly was it that made it so special compared to other Digimon of it's time period? Sure, it's nearly indestructible, but it is confused as to why it is like this, and why it has been revived into the present day without any knowledge of it's past self. What it doesn't know yet at the same time doesn't want to know, is that it's transformation into this Mode creates the ONLY weakspot of this Digimon; The Yellow Digicore exposed by it's chest, but it's not as easy to target as it appears, for Biodramon is not only constantly moving, but the Digicore is very durable to attacks to where only Digimon of it's own Level can properly deal a killing blow against it. Biodramon believes that if it is the first one of the past to return, then it should be others from it's time who also return, as it secretly plots to overthrow and destroy all seven Demon Lords, who it currently serves.