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Birds Of A Feather
(Tsukareta tori/ hachūrui dejimon, tōtamon!)
"The Possessed Bird/Reptile Digimon, Tortamon!"

Birds Of A Feather is the thirty-sixth episode of the first season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


Spencer is teaching his hip hop martial arts class & asks one of the students, Mitchell, to demonstrate a routine. Mitchell lacks confidence in himself, but agrees to anyway. He & Spencer perform together. When Mitchell falls down, Spencer says some concentration should help him be ready for the upcoming Junior Martial Arts Competition. Brick & Stick, with their own young student Butch for the same competition, taunt Spencer & Mitchell.

Lilithmon plants Tortomon under Tokyo's surface in order to overcome Coredramon.

Spencer assures Mitchell's fears & says he'll be there for him at the competition. At the actual event, Spencer is reluctantly pulled away when Seraphimon contacts the DigiDestined. Mitchell is disappointed that Spencer has to go. At the Command Center, Seraphimon informs the teens about Tortomon. The Digimon is controlled by an ultra intelligent internal computer known as Cardioquad. They have to disconnect Cardioquad from within Tortomon.

The five DigiDestined Digi-Grows their Digimon, including Coredramon (now under Taylor's control). Tyrannomon blasts Tortomon & the DigiDestined believe that the threat is over. However, the Digimon is still alive & is piecing itself back together. The DigiDestined return to face Tortomon. Lilithmon casts a spell to bind Coredramon's arms.

DinoOmnimon goes up against Tortomon again. They use the DigiSword against it, but the creature rebuilds itself once more. Coredramon is summoned, but Lilithmon's spell has hindered its helpfulness. Taylor jumps into Tortomon's mouth. Coredramon finally frees itself from Lilithmon's binding & uses its missiles on the Digimon. Cardioquad & Taylor are exposed & fall to the ground. With help from Coredramon, Taylor uses both his DigiSword & the DigiDagger to finish off Cardioquad. With CoreOmnimon & KingBrachiomon, Tortomon is put to rest for good.

The five return to the competition's second day. Spencer says that he'll be there with Mitchell for the remainder of the contest. Mitchell & Butch have a match, with Mitchell winning in the end. When Brick criticizes Butch, the kid kicks him. Spencer & his friends congratulate Mitchell.

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