Allen and BlackAgumon
Partners Allen Ruse

BlackAgumon is a main character in Fan: Digimon Tamers: V2. He is partner to Allen Ruse.


BlackAgumon is a three foot tall, black reptile wearing leather straps on his hands.


He is mostly calm and collected. He is more of a voice of reason for Allen, who is known to be air-headed.

The two met when Allen was playing a Digimon video game. He used BlackAgumon for the game and he then appeared outside of the game. Allen immediatley loved BlackAgumon and the feeling was mutual.

Allen's game then turned into his Digivice.

Afterwards he showed BlackAgumon to his parents.


  • Pepper Flame (Baby Flame): Spews flaming breath to strike his opponent.

Other Forms

The name "BlackAgumon" only refers to the rookie form of this digimon. Through out the series he gains the ability to digivolve into stronger forms. This digimon has a spilt digivolution line. His rookie form is the preffered form.


DarkTyrannomon t

DarkTyrannomon (ダークティラノモン DarkTyranomon)

DarkTyrannomon is one of BlackAgumon's two alternate champion forms. He first appears when Alexis, Turuiemon and Allen are in danger, in a flashback.

He makes multiple other appearances in the story.


Greymon St-336 (DM)

BlackGreymon (ブラックグレイモン)

Greymon is actually a BlackGreymon that is just refered to as "Greymon". He is another of BlackAgumon's alternate champion levels.

He appears in the fight against Richard and BlackGuilmon X.

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