Level Armor
Type Dragon Man
Attribute Virus
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Dragon's Roar
Prior forms Veemon + Digi-Egg of Courage (Dark)
Partners Davis Motomiya

BlackFlamedramon, "Burning Darkness", is a Dragon Man Digimon whose name and design come from "Black Flamedramon. It is the Dark Armor Digivolved form of Veemon through the Digi-Egg of Courage. Corrupted by dark emotions, Veemon Dark Digivolved through the Digi-Egg of Courage, producing this Dark Armor Digimon. It is very powerful, yet the power of the negative emotions renders BlackFlamedramon unstable and out of control, unable to distinguish friend and foe.


BlackFlamedramon appears the same as its original counterpart, only the armor parts that are red, orange, and yellow are black, dark gray, and gray, respectively. Its red eyes no longer have pupils.

Digimon Adventure 02 Fanfiction

BlackFlamedramon appears three times in a Digimon Adventure 02 Fanfiction. His first appearance occurs during a battle against a rampaging Devidramon. In this battle, Veemon is exposed to the Crest of Darkness's power after accidentally Vee Head Butting Aaron Raibu. It has no effect at first, but eventually the power grows, forcing Veemon to Dark Armor Digivolve to BlackFlamedramon. No longer under his own conmtrol, BlackFlamedramon goes on a rampage in the Digital World until the combined efforts of Pegasusmon, Nefertimon, and Poltermon manage to purge the Crest's power from him, reverting him to Flamedramon.

The second appearance of BlackFlamedramon occurs much later in the same story. Deceived by Barbamon into thinking that he was worthless to the other DigiDestined (especially Kari, who he believed was his friend), Davis becomes overwhelmed by emotions of helplessness, sadness, anger, etc, which in reality are being fed to him by Barbamon. The emotions boil over and affect Veemon, causing him to once again Dark Armor Digivolve to BlackFlamedramon. Not acting intelligently, Davis and BlackFlamedramon fight the other DigiDestined in order to destroy them. The previous strategy used against him is uneffective, as BlackFlamedramon no longer has the Crest of Darkness's power. With his new power, BlackFlamedramon overwhelms the other Digimon except Angewomon, whom he wants to finish off one-on-one. Davis goes berserk, unable to even realize what is happening. Kari rushes through the crossfire and embraces Davis, begging him to stop and telling him that what he heard is a flat-out lie. Kari's voice gets through Barbamon's spell, allowing the voices of the other DigiDestined to reach him as well. In her pleading, Kari confesses her love for Davis and apologizes for seemingly ignoring him. Davis finally breaks out of Barbamon's spell after Barbamon unleashes a Crimson Flame attack towards her that BlackFlamedramon blocks, although he reverts back to Veemon. Realizing that he has been duped and realizing where he truly belongs, Davis unlocks the Crest of Miracles's true power, triggering Veemon's first Digivolution into ZeeExVeemon. BlackFlamedramon is only seen once more during flashbacks at the story's end.


  • Darkfire Rocket: Surrounds himself in an aura of black fire and then shoots himself towards his opponent like a rocket.
  • Black Flame Fist (Black Knuckle Fire): Shoots black fireballs from his fist.