Level Rookie
Type Beast
Attribute Data
Family Nature Spirits
Next forms BlackGaogamon
Partners Pheragas Danved
Voice actors (En:) James Patrick Stewart

BlackGaomon is a Beast Digimon. Similar to its subspecies Gaomon, BlackGaomon specializes in "Hit and Away" attacks; however, BlackGaomon is a bit slower, and a bit stronger than a regular Gaomon. It isn't certain how his fur developed a black coloration, but BlackGaomon isn't an evil Digimon, and is good friends with his counterpart. However, if BlackGaomon gets angered, unlike Gaomon, it will not relent in its attacks on the offender until his anger vanishes or the opponent (or himself) is deleted.

The Lost Chronicles

BlackGaomon is the partner of Pheragas Danved, and is known as the Fist. At this time, not much is known about him as an individual.

His theme is Eternal Bond [1].