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Level In-Training
Type Lesser
Attribute None, Virus
Family Wind Guardians
Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Poyomon
Next forms Tsukaimon

BlackTokomon is a Lesser Digimon whose name is derived from the onomatopoeia for trotting (とことこ Tokotoko?), and as such is one of the few In-Training Digimon that can walk. It is a tiny Digimon which has limb-like objects growing under its body (head?). In-Training Digimon that have grown limbs are extremely rare, and their appearance is enormously cute. Unfortunately, BlackTokomon is a Virus Digimon, and usually tempermental.


  • Bite (噛み付き Kamitsuki?): Suddenly opens its mouth wide, and snaps at the opponent with the fangs growing closely packed within.
  • Bubble Blow ( Awa?, lit. "Bubbles"): Produces bubbles from its mouth to intimidate the opponent.

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