Blain Knight
Digivice(s):Brown and pink Data Link Digivice with gold screen and white ring
White and Gold Digivice Burst with pink screen
Trait(s):Sincerity,Reliability,and Kindness
Age 11 / 14-15
Grade 8th / 11th
Gender male
Known relatives Xander Royal (Real Father)
Anna Royal (Real Mother)
Leo Royal (Older Real Brother)
Bradly Knight (Adoptive Father)
Lori Knight (Adoptive Mother)
Haley Knight (Adoptive Younger Sister)
Nationality American
Occupation Student
DATS Officer (Former)


Blain is a smart and timid person who actually got to skip 2 grades.

Meeting Digimon

One day, while he was play with real brother ,Leo, two Data Link Digivices came out of it as well a digi-egg with pink and green stripes on it came out of Leo's computer. One of the two digivices was green and white with black ring and a green screen (Leo's digivice), and the other was brown and pink with a white ring and a gold screen (Blain's Digivice). A few seconds later the digi-egg hatched into twin digimon Zerimon (Leo's digimon) and Conomon (Blain's digimon). Several hours later, Blain went back to his room of the apartment he met a classmate Rei Wolfe who taunts him on a daily bases. Rei noticed that Blain was holding Conomon and snatched him from Blain. At that instant Conomon Digivolved to Kokomon. As soon as that happened Blain took Kokomon from Rei and ran to his apartment.

First Battle

two days later, Kokomon digivolved to Lopmon and Zerimon digivolved to Gummymon then to Terriermon. A few days later, a digimon called Kokatorimon attacked the human world. At that exact time Rei ran at Kokatorimon then called his digimon, Gabumon, out. Blain called out Lopmon to help Rei out. Both Gabumon and Lopmon were sadly beat, but Blain didn't want to give up and see his only friend destroyed. All of a sudden, Blain noticed that his hand was glowing from a DNA Charge which he used, then Lopmon Digivolved to Turuiemon and Defeated Kokatorimon which tuned back into a digi-egg.

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