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The Mega form of both MetalTyrannomon and MasterTyrannomon, BlasTyrannomon is the result of a combonation of amazin discipline, happiness,intelligence and strength. An almost unbeatable digimon in a one on one fight,his power rivals that of Yggsdrasil.

Fan:The Origin Digidestined

MasterTyrannomon is the first one of the partner digimon to digivolve to the Mega level.

It is almost impossible to discern what she is thinking, as she never talks in this form.

Only Zack knows due to the link between their minds.

Attacks:Spear shower- Blastyrannomon looses a dozen bright white needles at the opponent.

              Blaze of a Thousand Fists- Blastyrannomon Smashes the opponent with her fists at super speed.

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