Level Champion
Type Fox humanoid
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Prior forms Foxmon
Next forms Metalfoxmon
Partners Kazu Katoya


Blazefoxmon is a fictional character created by The orange fox, he is the champion level digimon of Foxmon


Blazefoxmon is a humanoid fox that stands on two legs, he still keeps his firey orange red fur and the same fire symbol on his back but now he has more tufts of white fur around his wrist and ankles. He has a much more masculine ferocious appearance than Foxmon which can make him intimidating to some which can be awkard for Blazefoxmon, especially if he is trying to talk calmly to someone.

Abilities and powers

Blazefoxmon's element is powered up when he reaches his third level and he also gains the ability to make weapons out of fire which he can use in combat, however if Blazefoxmon is close to defeat he is unable to construct weapons and rely on flames alone.


  • Shining sword Blazefoxmon create's a powerful sword out of flame which goes out on contact with water, apart from that it can cut thorugh most materials except chrome digizoid.
  • Barbecue lance A move where Blazefoxmon creates a blazing lance and throws it at an enemy, due to the name of this move the other digimon often taunt Blazefoxmon and even one time invites him to use his lance to cook their food for him making Blazefoxmon all angry and fired up
  • Pyro orb Blazefoxmon creates a massive orb out of flame and shoots it at his target doing heavy damage, if the size of the orb is bigger than the digimon then they get incinerated immediately
  • Burning fox Blazefoxmon creates a fox spirit which attacks nearby enemies however it is extremely vulerable to water
  • DX cannon One of Blazefoxmon's strongest moves where he creates a cannon out of flames and shoots a powerful widespread beam which burns everything up, once used against Dialismon it almost broke his black digizoid armour
  • Burning bite Blazefoxmon bites an enemy with burning hot jaws
  • X Nova Blazefoxmon shoots a large burning X at an enemy

Foxmon first digivolved to Blazefoxmon when Kuza was caught up by Bujarimon who had him trapped in one of his ultima traps, begging to set him free Kuza channeled energy into Foxmon via his digipad which in turn helped Foxmon digivolve into the much stronger Blazefoxmon who defeated the enemy in three hits using his new moves. After setting his master free Kuza became eternally grateful to him mentioning he is so glad he found Foxmon in the first place, the two proceed on their journy but then because he gets hungry Blazefoxmon de-digivolves back to Foxmon