(炎モス Honōmon)
Level Human Hybrid
Type Fairy
Attribute Variable
Family Royal Family
Dragon's Roar
Dark Area
Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Anyone + H Holy Spirit of Flame
Next forms Infernomon
Slide forms Infernomon


Blazemon is a Mega-class Human Hybrid Digimon whose name is derived from blaze, a fast moving fire, also signifies her elemental power. She is one of the Elemental Gods, specifically the Goddess of Flame, created by King Royalmon as well as Queen Majestymon, the parents of Prince Signamon.


She was the last of the Elemental Gods created before the exile of the Royal Family to the Dark Area. It's been said that Royalmon copied the data of AncientGreymon, without the latter's knowledge. When the royal family was banished to the Dark Area, she served as the bodyguard and trained under Barbamon, one of the Seven Great Demon Lords. She wears two necklaces one with the Crest of Courage the other with the symbol representing the Spirits of Flame, which were given to her by Majestymon. Along with Aquamon and Sequoiamon, the Goddesses of Water and Wood, she was modeled after Empressmon, Majestymon's original and purified form. Unlike the other two, she has a darker complexion, differentiating her from the others. This sparked a fierce rivalry between them for Prince Signamon's attention, with Blazemon winning in the end. It's said that Sequoiamon, Aquamon and Blazemon are counterparts of one another and have similar attacks, in both Human form and Beast form. Due to the royal family and Barbamon's influence, she was often known for using her looks to lure helpless Digimon either to their deaths or into the Dark Area. Due to her relationship with Prince Signamon, several Digimon give her the nickname Princess Blazemon and the title of Goddess or Darkness and Flame. Her outfit resembles the one worn by Ty Lee in Avatar: The Last Airbender.


  • Blaze Kick – The end of Blazemon's leg blurts into flames and she kicks the opponent with it.
  • Blast Burn – Blazemon's body becomes engulfed in light blue flames. She then punches the ground, sending a wave of energy into the earth which then moves underneath the opponent. The energy then bursts upwards in a giant explosion of red-orange flames..
  • Flame Swirl - She spins in place and light red energy starts to flicker off her. Blazemon's eyes glow light blue then glow red and a flame is released. When the flame hits the ground, it turns into a fiery tornado and hits the opponent.
  • Inferno Flash - She releases a powerful beam of energy from her hands or her index fingers that scorches the opponent, inflicting a huge amount of damage.
  • Flaming Cannon - She fires a large tunnel of flames out the palm of her hand.
  • Nebula Jubilee - She raises both of her hands up in the air and forms a purple and pink energy sphere, which shoot out many black energy blasts.