Blink Gigamo
Appears in:Fan:Journey
First appearance Fan:Journey Chapter 1
Last appearance  ??
Age 8
Gender Male
Nationality British

Blink Gigamo is a fictional character from Fan:Journey.

Being only the age of 8 blink is a rather curious. he's always willing to help out his friends. He came to the digital world through a tornado when he was playing out with his new found friend tanemon. Blink is also a big coward and a cry baby who hates the dark. He met his new friend palmon when she was only a small tanemon. He was playing in a field when he was attacked by wasps. Tanemon came to rescue him.

Blink Has the DigiEgg of Kindness which he feels must mean something to him. With his new egg Palmon is able to become Oppossumon. His Digivice was created when he picked up the egg. It sealed his fate and made him a tamer with none other then the rest of his friends. He is associated with the Crest of Kindness.

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