Type Undead
Prior forms SkullKnightmon
Next forms DarkKnightmon
Partners ghost Tamer

BloodKnightmon is an Undead Digimon whose name derived from Blood brother. It was the first-son of Craniamon of the royal knight's, Blood-knight was a SkullKnightmon who more than exchanged cups of brotherhood with DeadlyAxemon but as well as there DigiCore which in turning them both in-to one,, As a knight he excels in mortal combalt, its behavior is two at the same time, "Those who are knights must fight. will lose to i a blood-knight, i must win," and generally speaking, it puts importance on the outcomes in which it wins. because it will unabashedly perform any kind of a sinful act to win. at that result. It specializes in combat, it's most effected attacks are "blood-shower" and "last drop of red blood". it often leaves a battle field with the blood of it's foes on it's body


  • blood showet
  • blood bath
  • blood moon
  • last drop of red blood