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It is said that the very sight of this Digimon can drive a foe to horror. Its mane is matted and dirty; its face coated in paint mixed with the blood of fallen foes. Its blade, Soul Drinker, is curved and jagged. Dirty talons extend from each hand and it face is always set in a bestial snarl.

BloodLeomon is a unique Leomon and one of the Royal Four. It is said that it was once a noble Leomon who opposed the Digimon King. Angered, the King cursed Leomon to forever serve him. To know of the horrors it was being forced to do and be unable to stop. Because of this it is perhaps unsurprising that BloodLeomon is insane. It seeks battles after battle, uncaring of its own strength. If it spies any strong opponent it will attack them mercilessly and not retreat until ether it or its foe is dead. Some whisper that whatever small part of the original Leomon remains, it is seeking death.

BloodLeomon is the most unpredictable of the Royal Four or the Royal Generals. It does not plan like LordTyrannomon and is not motivated by green like CurseDevimon. It no longer fights for its own sense of justice like CrusaderAngemon. It simply fights because that is all that it can do. It leads the King's armies of feral Beast-Men Digimon and even when alone it can never know peace.


  • Fist of the Dark King: Fires a beam of dark energy in the shape of the face of a snarling lion. The attack is fuelled by its hate of all living things.
  • Lion-Fang Strike: Draws its blade and strikes several times faster than the eye can see. It can also use the burst of speed to move rapidly or to chase fleeing foes.
  • Roar of Hatred: It calls upon the hatred it feels for all living things and gives off a shout that causes its foes to freeze in terror.

It is said that when BloodLeomon meets his ultimate enemy, it can take this form. When in War Mode, BloodLeomon's body is coated with a thick bronze armour.

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