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Blossomon the Spit Flower
(Aku no hanataba! Tsuba furawāburossamon!)
"Bouquet of Evil! The Spitting Flower Blossomon!"

Blossomon the Spit Flower is the twenty-fourth episode of the first season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


At the Youth Center, Alex helps Maggie work on her float design for the upcoming parade. Brick & Stick come to make trouble, but Brick is allergic to Mag's flowers. Lilithmon sends Claymon to attack Alex & Maggie, & ultimately destroy the model. Mag is distraught over the damage. The design is due later that day.

Wisemon creates Blossomon for Lilithmon. Its flowers will drain people of their energy.

Alex takes the remains of the float design & leaves. Meanwhile, the others are summoned to the Command Center. Seraphimon informs the five about Blossomon. The DigiDestined confront the Digimon, but it covers them all in ferocious flowers that weaken them. Lilithmon's wand turns Blossomon into a giant.

Alex decides to rebuild Maggie's design. He's sent to help the DigiDestined & knocks Blossomon down with a blast from his DigiDagger. BattleCoredramon spars with Blossomon, but the Digimon is too strong. The DigiDestined are brought back to the Command Center. Seraphimon says that destroying the Digimon's hidden mist sack will weaken it. Alex is told to stay behind in case the other five fail.

Elsewhere, Brick & Stick are attacked by some of the biting flowers.

Maggie hits Blossomon's sack with an arrow from her DigiBow. Together, the DigiDestined win by using the DigiBlaster.

Kokuwamon helps Alex finish fixing the float design. At the Youth Center, the gang watches the parade on television. Maggie sees her float & thanks Alex. Brick & Stick appear covered in bandages, but Spencer scares them off with a bouquet of flowers.

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