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Level Ultimate
Type Beast
Attribute Data
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Lynxmon

BlueLynxmon is a Beast Digimon that appears similar to Lynxmon, but blue in color and is capable of attacking with ice and cosmic attacks.


  • Ice Tomahawk: Enrages himself in ice fire and shoots white phoenix/hawk-shaped snowy wind from his mouth.
  • Storm of Cosmo: Brings down crystalized meteors upon his opponents.
  • Cosmo Fireball: Fires purplish black fire mixed with liquid crystal from his mouth.
  • Ice Rings: Fires ring-like whirlpool with a sort of ice and liquid crystal from his mouth.
  • Double Storms: Emits blue icy fire from his mouth.
  • Snow Beam Eye Blasts: He is is given snowy laser beam powers with their eyes.
  • Icy Rain: Brings down crystalized icy rain upon his opponents.

Variations / Subspecies

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