Level Rookie
Type Blue dragon
Attribute Vaccine
Family Firebreathers
Prior forms Fan:Pubomon
Next forms Fan:Skydramon


Funny, quirky little dragon type digimon who loves everyone and everything and will give his all to protect the innocent. He is very intellegent and able to speek fluent English with no accent, likes to play with friends, and is one of those guys who'd you want to hang out with. He is a friend for life. Only he knows the location of the crest of trust. He can use his wings to fly and his Blue Blast attack can do massive damage. He is closely related to Dracomon and his ultimate Wingdramon.


Blue Blast: Has the ability to charge up a ball of blue and shot it at enemies. Can do lots of damage to champion or lower level digimon easily. It's able to melt through almost any metal or rock.

Silver Shield: Has the ability to summon a silver force field around him or anyone standing within two feet away. Can with stand most attacks except from megas and most ultimates. Can launch shield at enemies when energy is used up. Badly drains digimon's energy by 50%.

Tail Spear: Has the ability to blast small silver spikes from the two tips of it's tail.