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Level Ultimate
Type Cyborg
Attribute Data
Family Metal Empire
Prior forms Ludditemon
Next forms Daedalumon

Bolshevikmon is a fan-made Digimon, created by DarkblazeHunter, and is the Ultimate form of Gremlinmon's digivolution line.

Bolshevikmon is a colossal armored version of Ludditemon; his entire body covered in bulky armor while this Cyborg wields no weapon but only his metallic fists. Personality-wise, Bolshevikmon is a bold and independent thinker, always charging into battle without thinking while declaring himself the strongest. Though he is a fierce and lumbering figure to behold, he still can repair or destroy machinery just like his Rookie stage.


  • Revolution Knuckle: Pounding a mechanical fist hard onto the ground, Bolshevikmon produces a fierce shockwave that can send his enemies airbound.
  • Roar of Revolution: The loudest Bolshevikmon can ever be; by opening his concealed mouth, he produces a mighty sonic attack that instantly slams into all in the way. Occasionally, debris is launched into the air by the intensity and can strike anyone, both friend and foe.


  • Bolshevik was a term used to define a member of the Russian Communist Party during the October Revolution.

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