Bright Mitchel
Appears in:Fan:Digimon Academy Year 2: Digital Reboot
First appearance A New Year and a New Threat
Digivice(s):Purple D-3
Age 14
Gender male
Nationality American
Occupation Academy Student, Tamer

Bright Mitchel is a Tamer appearing in Fan:Digimon Academy Year 2: Digital Reboot. He is the partner of twin brothers Veemon and Wormmon He's a bit of an outcast,being weird and slightly annoying. Only his Digimon can really stand to be around him. Bright often tries to push his partners to their absolute limits, often seeming quite harsh.


Bright is addicted to purple. He has violet eyes, wears a light-purple jacket over a dark purple T-shirt, bears violet cargo pants, and wears purple-tinted glasses, which are actually perscription due to headaches he gets when viewing the world in full light.


Bright is first seen training in the arena, where his two partners faced off. He appeared to be very harsh to both of them. He grew up on the streets until twelve. He met his partners when they accidentally fused into DinoBeemon and Bio-Emerged. After the rampaging insect calmed down, it split into its In-Training forms and fell unconscious. Bright raised them from that point on, reaching the Digital World two years previous to the story's events.

Known Classes

Bright's only currently known class is Energy Conversion, where students learn to use emotion to assist their Digimon. It is described as being extremely difficult to master and very dangerous. Furthur insight was not given, as the teacher, Botan Kernano, was caught in an explosion and unable to teach further.

Category:Fan Tamer

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