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Level Ultimate
Type Sky Dragon
Attribute Vaccine
Family Dragon's Roar
Prior forms Gungnimon
Next forms Gaebolmon

Brionacmon is a fan-made Digimon, created by DarkblazeHunter, and the Ultimate form of Sucilamon.

Brionacmon is a Dragon Digimon whose scales on his serpentine body are made of Blue Chrome-Digizoid. He bears a pair of leathery wings which marked by the Digital Hazard symbol. Brionacmon is a creature that thirsts for the blood of all Digimon deemed impure in his eyes, though his sense of judgment is to question, thus placing him as a possible threat to all.


  • Razor Zephyr: Beats his wings together to produce a powerful gust that slashes anything within distance.
  • Berserk Hazard: The Digital Hazard symbols on his wings begin to glow until they are unleashed as devastating energy blasts.


  • In Celtic mythology, Brionac was the magical living spear of the god/hero Lugh. It was said that its thirst for blood was so great that only by steeping its head in a sleeping-draught of pounded fresh poppy seeds could it be kept at rest.

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