Brondramon Final
Title Bronze Twilight
Level Super Ultimate
Type Light Dragon
Attribute Virus
Family Dragon's Roar
Dark Area
Prior forms Brahdramon
Next forms Brondramon X

Brondramon is a Light Dragon Digimon based on a Chinese Dragon, Snake charming, and a real world Twilight. It is an extremely powerful Digimon far stronger than most Virus digimon would ever dream of becoming. As a Super Ultimate, it's power is near unmatched and rival by only very few Digimon. It's only known rival is Cobaldramon, who is said, when both were to meet, would cause the end of the Digital World in their battle against each other. The chances of this meeting is near impossible, however, as a Twilight and Eclipse almost never occur at the same time in the Digital World. It is referred to as the "Bronze Twilight", due to the fact the Twilight that signals it's appearance is more bronze or gold in color compared to in real life. Despite being a Light Dragon Digimon, it actually has very little in common with other Light Dragon Digimon. This is actually referring to the fact ancient Digital World Legends call both Brondramon and Cobaldramon the "Dragons of Light". It's body lies hidden in sacred pots because it's body is believed to be too long to render on most hardware, so it's actual body length is a mystery. It shares the distinction of the first two B/C Digimon designed along with Cobaldramon.

Digimon Bronze and Cobalt Versions

Brondramon is the Version Mascot of Bronze Version and serves as the final boss in that version. It is an MPType Digimon that specializes in the Dark element. It digivolves from a yet to be revealed Mega stage at Level 90 with 45,000 Dragon Exp and 45,000 Dark Exp, and you must've already befriended Brondramon to digivolve into it.