Brondramon (DC)
Appears in:Digimon Classic
First appearance Movie Chapter: Bronze and Cobalt

"Oh great hero of trust, you have traveled far out into the sun to seek my knowledge. Tell me, what is the knowledge you seek?"

Legends tell of an ancient conflict that predate the dawn of time itself. In fact, it has been influenced by time itself ever since time began. Legends tell of two Digimon whose powers were vast and mysterious, fateful encounters between both being apocalyptic at peak. Legends tell of these two Legendary Digimon, and their capabilities are nearly unmatched, even to this day when more powerful Digimon emerge. Should anything more powerful dare challenge them, their own power levels will immediately surpass that of the target and vaporize anything in sight. This is the legend of one of those two Digimon; Brondramon, the Bronze Dragon of Light. It's archenemy is the Cobalt Hydra of Darkness, Cobaldramon. Both have been in an eternal battle for who knows how long, and in their constant battles, you can guarantee that something shall be destroyed to remind everybody of their power. Many believe assumed both Digimon were destroyed in the Great Cataclysm, but The Grand One had done one thing immediately after wiping all of his prior work clean; Restoring both Legendary Digimon to their full power, he merely kept it a secret from everybody that he had revived both Digimon. Brondramon is the personification of trust, honor, and good. Those who follow under it shall command it in battle to use to bring about the tamer's own knowledge into the new world order they can and will create on their own.....

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