(アグモン(黒) Agumon (Black))
BlackAgumon BC
Level Rookie
Type Legacy
Attribute Virus
Family Nature Spirits
Prior forms Koromon
Next forms BlackGreymon

BlackAgumon's mere relationship with Agumon is enough to give it the same mythological status Agumon's whole line has. Like SnowAgumon, BlackAgumon does not have the same basic appearence as Agumon; It only has two claws on the hand instead of 3 as well as a longer tail, with spikes present on the body as well. It also lacks the same kind of ears that Agumon and SnowAgumon have.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

BlackAgumon digivolves from Koromon at Level 6 with 30 Dark Exp, and into BlackGreymon at Level 21 with 100 Dark Exp or into BlackGeoGreymon at Level 25 with 250 Dark Exp. It can also digivolve into Tuskmon at Level 20 with 40 Aptitude, or into DarkTyrannomon at Level 30 with 1,000 Dark Exp. It's notable for being able to digivolve into more than 3 different stages as a Champion stage, making the Botamon best known for numerous splits in the digivolution chain at almost every occasion.