Citramon BC
Level Champion
Type Worm
Attribute Virus
Family Unknown

Citramon, despite it's appearence, is not actually a Digimon composed of fruits; It is actually a worm-like Digimon using fruits as a sort of shell to protect it's fragile body. The only part of it's true body that are exposed are the larger jaws and the yellow eyes. Not much is known about this Digimon except that it hides in trees to lure prey by making them think it's just a batch of fruit.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

Citramon is found in The Strange Zone much like other Digimon with a bizzare design. It acts as sort of a mimic in the game, by pretending to be a batch of fruit that is valuable in shops outside of The Strange Zone. It is an Insect Digimon that favors Speed. It isn't planned to digivolve to or from anything at the moment.