(ボンバーナニモン BomberNanimon)
DestroNanimon BC
Level Champion
Type Invader
Attribute Virus
Family Unknown

DestroNanimon, part of a group of Digimon called The Strange Ones, is naturally found in The Strange Zone, a place where the most bizarre, strange, ugly, or outright oddly designed Digimon are found. It serves the Ultimate Digimon Betsumon, but recently their relative peacefulness in The Strange Zone was interrupted by the Mega Level Fracktamon, who easily overpowered every inhabitant of that dimension and forced everyone out of Betsumon's castle.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt

DestroNanimon is encountered in Fracktamon's password quest the same way mentioned above, either as NPCs or wild Digimon. It is a Machine species Digimon favoring Attack and MP. Currently it is not planned to digivolve to or from anything yet.