Dinorexmon BC
Title The King of Terror
Level Mega+
Type Highly Aggressive
Attribute Virus
Family Dragon's Roar
Nature Spirits
Prior forms BerserkTyrannomon

Dinorexmon, more famously known as The King of Terror, is a highly aggressive Mega+ Level Digimon known for being able to slaughter even the most mightiest of foes with it's oversized claws. The oversized toe claws are said to came from it's Tuskmon form, so instead of having large tusks it has large blade-like claws. It's violent nature leaves it's own species at risk as well, making it very rare to see one in the wild. It has a fierce rivalry with Dinotigermon, and will stop at nothing to destroy it's foe. In other universes it is a Data Attribute Digimon, but in the B/C Universe it is a Virus Attribute Digimon.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

Dinorexmon is a rare boss spawn in Tyrannomon's Domain, being the most powerful Digimon in the area next to Cannondramon, but has a higher Exp Yield than Cannondramon. It is an Attacker Digimon and digivolves from BerserkTyrannomon at Level 65 with 65,000 Dragon Exp. It's signature trait is an amped up version of BerserkTyrannomon's that lasts for as long as it is out in battle, but is cancelled out by Dinotigermon if it is an opponent. Their rivalry can be seen as a parallel to that of Argendramon's and Giganodramon's rivalry with eachother, as they both have similar traits as well.