(ラグナモン Ragnamon)
Level Mega
Type Orbiting
Attribute Free
Prior forms Snatchmon
Next forms Gaiamon

Galacticmon is a Legendary Digimon previously known to have been the final boss of Digimon World 3, although unlike most other final boss Digimon, it could still digivolve further to Gaiamon, although it was destroyed before it could. It is the result of a Snatchmon fusing with a large sized satellite such as the Gunslinger Satellite.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

Galacticmon is the semi-final boss before the boss rush in The Grand One quest line. It's stats are only slightly lower than Gaiamon's stats, with the same kind of weaknesses and resists. Galacticmon digivolves from Snatchmon with the Ultimate Satellite and digivolves to Gaiamon with the 8 Spheres of the Planets. Galacticmon, as well as Gaiamon, are obtained as Vemmon after The Grand One quest. Galacticmon's signature trait makes it as powerful as a Super Ultimate Level Digimon.