(キメラモン Chimairamon)
Kimeramon BC
Title Chimera of Genetics
Level Mega
Type Legacy
Attribute Vaccine
Family Unknown
Prior forms Kabuterimon + MetalGreymon + Greymon + Angemon + Airdramon + Devimon + Kuwagamon + SkullGreymon + Garurumon + Monochromon
Next forms Millenniummon
* (w/ Machinedramon)

Kimeramon is a Legacy Digimon that was originally created by Ken when he was the Digimon Emperor. Kimeramon is a combination of several different Champion to Ultimate Level Digimon into a single powerful Digimon. Kabuterimon's helmet, MetalGreymon's hair, Greymon's upper body, Angemon's wings, Airdramon's wings, Devimon's arms, Kuwagamon's arm, SkullGreymon's arm, Garurumon's lower body, and Monochromon's tail. Unlike Kimeramon in most other media, it is Mega level in B/C, due to the levels of the Digimon that form it's body. It's upper body is extremely heavy, and puts too much pressure on it's legs to the point it has to use it's upper arms like canes inorder to walk.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

Kimeramon is the result of a Xros Evolution of the above mentioned Digimon. No other requirements exist other than merely having those Digimon to form Kimeramon, while Kimeramon can DNA Digivolve with Machinedramon to form Millenniummon with both at Level 70 with 10,000 Dark Exp.