Title King of the Digital World
Level Rookie
Type Legacy Digimon
Mini Dragon
Attribute Vaccine
Next forms OmegaShoutmon

Shoutmon is famous for many things. It had become king of the digital world in it's own universe it's native to, and has conquered nearly every foe and mastered every Xros technic known to Digimon. Shoutmon's legacy, however, merely point to one individual rather than the species. In the B/C Universe, Shoutmon is not only very rare, but also chaotic in nature. Only a tamed Shoutmon can have the true capabilities of Taiki's Shoutmon. Shoutmon is a jerk, and a loudmouth at best. Often screaming random gibberish into it's microphone just to leave it's opponent's open for attack, it is a Digimon to be wary of, especially when it digivolves into OmegaShoutmon and into it's many Xros forms.

Digimon Bronze and Cobalt Versions

Shoutmon can only be obtained after The Great Battle of Xros Wars quest line is completed. Shoutmon's stats are similar to that of Agumon's, but can do a whole lot more once you obtain the composite Digimon that form it's famous X# series line. It digivolves into OmegaShoutmon with the Omega Sphere and no other requirements. In fact, nearly all of it's Xros digivolutions have no extra requirements as well. This is all due to the fact that the quest line in which you obtain it is near impossible, and as it is the base Digimon of it's many Xros digivolutions, you cannot have the ultimate power of Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode without having faced even tougher opponents.