(ユキミボタモン YukimiBotamon)
SnowBotamon BC
Level Fresh
Type Legacy
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Next forms Nyaromon

SnowBotamon is a Legacy Digimon best known for being the Fresh stage of Magnadramon. In this stage she is always known for her cuddliness and is often seen hiding in groups of Botamon despite them not being able to blend in with them. It constantly nibbles on things from soft items such as clothes to harder objects such as wood or bark. All SnowBotamon, as well as it's later stages, are known to be exclusively female in B/C.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

As stated above, all SnowBotamon in the game are female which also applies to it's later stages as well, where it's counterpart Poyomon and it's line are exclusively Male. SnowBotamon digivolves into Nyaromon at Level 1, which means as soon as it is obtained it can digivolve right away with no other requirements. SnowBotamon's line specializes in HP, Defense, and Spirit and are all Holy species Digimon.