Tuskmon BC
Level Champion
Type Rare
Attribute Virus
Family Dragon's Roar
Nature Spirits
Prior forms BlackAgumon
Next forms BerserkTyrannomon

Tuskmon is rarely seen anymore in all the Digimon universes known to exist, leaving to the idea that it is extinct. It's most recent appearance was nearly a decade ago, and with The Grand One's creation of a new universe, however, it was given new life, and also new importance. A giant Tuskmon is famous for forming the basis of KiryuMechadramon, but how one attained such a size is a mystery. Tuskmon is as ancient as the Digital World itself, first appearing in age old media as one of the first Digimon to ever exist, far beyond the time of other Digimon. It is a highly aggressive Digimon that constantly gets into fights with it's own kind, and thus it's numbers are very low. It's shoulders have the Digital Hazard mark on them, but for some reason, it is absent from it's later stages.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

Tuskmon is a rare spawn in the same area Tyrannomon spawns, in a large savannah-like area. It's Exp yield is high due to being so rare, so be sure to battle them when you see them both for scan data and for high amounts of Dragon Exp (1,000 Dragon Exp. per Tuskmon). It's later stages also spawn in the same area, but are more rare to encounter. Overall, you'll have an easier time training against Tyrannomon and Triceramon more than you would training against Tuskmon. Tuskmon digivolves from BlackAgumon at Level 20 with 40 Aptitude and into BerserkTyrannomon at level 30 with 1,000 Dark Exp.