Level Advance Hybrid
Type Humanoid
Attribute Variable
Family None
Prior forms Anyone + Spirits of Rage,
Partners Andrew Usher

BurningDeagorumon is the legendary advance warrior of rage. BurningDeagorumon can be subject to a bad temperament if he hasn't had a fight in a while. When angered, BurningDeagorumon becomes even more powerful, becoming able to defeat even some mega level digimon. BurningDeagorumon combines attacks from both BurningGarumon and BurningGoramon


  • Gaia Blades: Dual blades erupt from the digimon's gauntlets. It is not necessary to say this attack's name out loud. If the digimon attacks are fast enough, these blades will ignite and take on the element of fire.
  • Rain of Fire: Fires multiple pointed 'arrows' of flame into the air then bursts into flames, running at high speeds to punch and kick the opponents. Then stands among its battered opponents as the pointed fire rains down onto them.
  • Wrath of the Deus: Blasts all of their opponents into the air with an invisible shockwave. Then moves at lightning speed to attack any target it would wish to attack before they hit the ground.
  • Powers of the Deus: Flame leaps from the digimon's eyes as the ground breaks up and lifts into the air. The digimon may then choose to expel the flying rocks from its vicinity or to use them as floating mallets.