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Level Beast Hybrid
Type Reptile
Attribute Variable
Prior forms Anyone + Beast Spirit of Rage
Next forms BurningDeagorumon
*(w/ Deagoramon)
Slide forms Deagoramon

BurningGarumon is the result of a spirit evolution with the Beast Spirit of Rage. Deagoramon is a bipedal digimon, resembling GeoGarumon's body shape, but standing hunched on two legs. BurningGarumon possesses immeasurable speed. BurningGarumon calls upon large reserves of power to destroy his enemies.


  • Rain of Fire: Fires multiple pointed 'arrows' of flame into the air then bursts into flames, running at high speeds to punch and kick the opponents. Then stands among its battered opponents as the pointed fire rains down onto them.
  • Powers of the Deus: Flame leaps from the digimon's eyes as the ground breaks up and lifts into the air. The digimon may then choose to expel the flying rocks from its vicinity or to use them as floating mallets.