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Level Unknown
Type Humanoid
Attribute Variable
Prior forms Deagoramon
Next forms Gaiamon
*(w/ Deagarumon)

BurningGoramon is a winged humanoid digimon. BurningGoramon, has power enough to rival that of an ultimate level digimon. BurningGoramon uses melee attacks to ensure the destruction of anything that would declare itself his opponent.


  • Gaia Blades: Dual blades erupt from the digimon's gauntlets. It is not necessary to say this attack's name out loud. If the digimon attacks are fast enough, these blades will ignite and take on the element of fire.
  • Wrath of the Deus: Blasts all of their opponents into the air with an invisible shockwave. Then moves at lightning speed to attack any target it would wish to attack before they hit the ground.