Level Ultimate
Type Beast Man Digimon<
Attribute Vaccine
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Metal Empire
Nature Spirits
Prior forms Gururumon
Next forms BomberGururumon
Partners None Yet

BurningGururumon is an Beast man Digimon,a Gururumon that evolved to become a burning humanoid. It attacks with burning hot fire and plasma and can melt a small mountain to a puddle of magma in minutes. While it is more amicable than its cousin WereGarurumon, it is much more dangerous to get mad. It is always searching for its own quirky form of justice.


  • Burning Wolf Claw: Launches plasma from the nails on its hands
  • Garuru Kick: Gives a mighty kick
  • Full Moon Inferno: Breaths a large wave of plasma from its mouth

Variations / Subspecies