Level In-Training
Type Beast Digimon
Attribute Data
Prior forms Gaomon (+ Black Smoke)
Next forms Gaomon
Partners Luke


Summer of Adventure

When Gaomon was trying to fight Mummymon he Digivolved but accidentally merged with the Black Smoke coming from the factory. When trying to attack Mummymon he got kidnapped by Mummymon. Luke and Zoe went after him and when they found him, he Double Warp Digivolved into DotMirageGaogamon and attacked Mummyon, who Digivolved into Pharaohmon X but was then defeated. DMGaogamon then returned to a Digivice.

In other Digimon Media

BurstShaomon is a natural carrier of the X Antibody due to the Black Smoke it's been infected with.


  • Puppy Inferno


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