Level Champion
Type (Ja:) Cyborg Digimon (En:) Dragon Man
Attribute Virus
Family Deep Savers
Dragon's Roar
Dark Area
Wind Guardians
Metal Empire
Prior forms Sharkmon
Partners Willis

Cabledramon is an Dragon Man Digimon, the tainted Champion form of Sharkmon, whose name and design are derived from "Cable Dramon". He digivolved through "dark evolution" through his anger and hatred, his kindness and love is locked up in his heart. He has the power to warp time and space in the fifth dimension.


  • Double Crusher: Six machine cannons protrude from his muscular chest, firing an onslaught of bullet-like energy projectiles.
  • Cable Crusher: Extends his arms to punch and grab enemies (This attack is also used by Diaboromon and the other digimon affected by the same virus).
  • Destiny Destroyer: Fires a solar-hot energy blast from his mouth (This attack is also used by Armageddemon affected by the same virus).
  • Sonic Destroyer: Emits a energy stream of electricity from his head. That is Parrotmon's attack.
  • Giga Cannon: Fires superdreadnought-class energy waves from his two retractable cannons on his back (This attack is also used by Machinedramon affected by the same virus).
  • Dragon Fire: Drills his right arm into the opponent.