A fan digimon created by Zacax

Level Rookie
Type Mutant
Attribute Vaccie, Data
Family Jungle Troopers, Virus Busters
Prior forms Tanemon
Next forms Togemon
Partners Bo

Cacomon is a Mutant Digimon based off the "Cactus", who wears a pair of boxing gloves similar to Togemon, and wears a hankerchef with the Mark of Reliability on it, in Silver coloring. It is a curious Digimon which truly shows its a Combat Digimon due to its skills, its always looking for a good challenge, and often gets into fights that are not needed. Despite this, Cacomon is a very loyal Digimon, staying by it's friends' side and ready to protect them, maybe that's why it bears the Mark of Reliability.

Like Dronomon and Whimsimon, it is said to have been a human child who entered the Digital World, and soon was lost in the deserts, but soon, data turned it into a humanoid cactus. Out of the three, it is the most loyal and hopeful, being the one who keeps going.


  • Caco Punch (Cactus Punch)
  • Needle Top (Cactus Spin) Spins around its head and sends several needles at its foes.
  • Desert Pummel Rapidly punches it's foes in a rapid fashion like a Machine Gun.